Pakistan is a developing country and with the passage of time, it is grabbing the hand on technology also. Though there are many other countries that step faster than us but the advancement of technology in our country is in a good position too, while comparing to other developing countries. With the advent of time and advancement in technology, the new equipment must be installed within the country for the best setup of the service. And to avail the best, we have to use the best Pakistan Telecom Equipment. As PTA has updated the list past 8 years ago. Here is the list of top 5 equipment that is used in Pakistan as a developing country:

  1. Wireless Radio Sets: The devices that can have access to have communication within the range of 50 Meters are the equipment of wireless radio sets. Walkie Talkie, IT equipment, and any portable thing that can provide the two-way communication are set in this category. It is forbidden that the same license is used for Radio Communication. A special fee is set as the US $ 500 for imported ones and Rs 5000 for local brands.


  1. Vehicle Security Device: This system is for the 1st priority of vehicle security. As the robbery of vehicles are common in Pakistan, and Karachi is known to be the area on exporting those vehicles across the border, it is mandatory to provide our people with the access of technological vehicle security device. The alarming system helps the user to keep its vehicle parked anywhere. But there is specific distance maintenance is required to keep the tracking system working. Suppose you say, the alarm will alert you if you are parking the vehicle 50KM away from you, so this is supportive and nonsense thing to be discussed. Proper guidance is given before giving them access to this system. A special fee is set as the US $ 500 for imported ones and Rs 5000 for local brands as for Pakistan Telecom Equipment.



  1. Wireless Module: This equipment is specially designed to have private access to data communication through Wi-Fi, GPRS, Bluetooth, 3G-4G, and EDGA. Whatever app the person is downloading, to have its access, they have to provide the basic details of media, pictures, contact list and other personal details as a security purpose to the Wireless module authority. A special fee is set as the US $ 500 for imported ones and Rs 5000 for local brands. The earning is good too for the economy for having access to these types of equipment within the country.

Specific companies get access to this equipment and a complete budget is set as what fees, even separate for locally manufactured and imported equipment. Security and safety requirements are also set. Most of all are that PTA watchdog’s specialists keep an eye on it and have access to check it as per their need. A special test is conducted by whom and how the Pakistan Telecom Equipment is used. As security concerns are always high.