The usage of import phones is increasing day by day by the people. Now people are in habit of using mobile phones which are imported from some other country and then used by others. Despite this fact, people must know that having imported phones for usage are not easy now. Pakistan telecommunication authority has now made it impossible without getting the mobile NOC and approval for custom clearance. Mobile phones for personal and commercial both need approval for the usage in Pakistan.

For getting the approval and NOC for mobile phones, one can easily gather the information from the official website of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. Paying custom duty has become mandatory for every individual before start using the import mobile phones.


An individual can only take a maximum limit of 5 import mobile phones on which mobile NOC is necessary for its clearance from custom duty. In Pakistan, PTA Pakistan telecommunication authority is the only source through which approval and NOC can be obtained. No other body can give you such a facility and entertain you in this field.

If a person will not get the NOC that the mobile phone is useless, as it would not be able to operate with the Pakistan network system.

According to PTA law, no equipment can be connected to the Pakistan network unless it will be registered for the type approval and mobile NOC.



Several documents are being needed by Pakistan telecommunication authority to get your hands on NOC for mobile’s clearance from custom duty. After all these formalities the user will be able to take advantage of the phones which are being imported by them. For those who want NOC letter will have to send following documents along with NOC letter to Pakistan telecommunication authority PTA:

  1. Application form for NOC which will clearly state the purpose of getting the phone out of Pakistan. If it is for commercial use then type approval is also needed by PTA.
  2. A copy of the person’s National identity card (NIC)
  3. Shipment number or receipt of courier service with tracking number (from where mobile is being sent to Pakistan)
  4. Photocopy of the mobile commercial invoice.

Things which are mandatory to mention in NOC application form by the applicant:

  1. The model number of the mobile phone
  2. Brand name of the mobile phone
  3. Correct postal address where mobile will be delivered
  4. IMEI number of the delivered phone
  5. In case there is more than one phone, then the IMEI of each set along with the brand name and model number is also required. The number of mobile phones must be mentioned as well.

Once the Pakistan telecommunication authority will get these all information, it will then be confirmed by them. After verifying the IMEI number and other information the person will be able to get the NOC for mobile and SIM functionality will be also available for that particular mobile phone.

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